Company overview

Steel Patriot Partners is your compliance and governance ally. We provide expert analysis of your organization’s cybersecurity architecture, and then create and implement a strategic plan to reach desired outcomes. We clearly communicate your compliance needs, providing valuable and understandable guidance to both technical and non-technical business leaders. Our goal is to improve your organization’s technological maturity by serving as an integrated and trusted partner. We help your organization meet compliance standards, create strong governance, and create a higher baseline of security to improve business success.

Our Mission

To serve as an integrated, trusted partner to organizations that want to improve their cybersecurity governance and attain general and industry-specific compliance standards.

Why Us?

Our compliance and cybersecurity offerings empower your business to:

  • Refocus your time and effort servicing your clients instead of managing compliance
  • Make sound business decisions based on trusted solutions to meet your client needs
  • Attract and retain customers with successful audits of your cybersecurity procedures and practices
  • Sleep better at night, instead of worrying how your sensitive data is used
  • Reduce internal expenses by outsourcing compliance and cybersecurity while decreasing your business risk

Our Vision

Improve the regulatory compliance and governance maturity of clients to create a strong foundation for all business activities.

Our Difference

We can relate:

  • We put real live humans that are US citizens in place to solve IT and cybersecurity problems
  • Make compliance and information security solutions easier to obtain for your business
  • Cybersecurity through fear is not what we do – Education and guidance is
  • 24/7/365 cybersecurity services to manage your threats and vulnerabilities

Ready to Talk about Cybersecurity Governance?

Let us be your Governance Navigator for compliance.

The team at Steel Patriot Partners operates like an extended part of our team and is invested in our success. In working with us, they demonstrated that they care about our business first, but also displayed an in-depth knowledge of the complex IT environment facing healthcare organizations. The team created a plan, broke tasks down into an organized, manageable list and deployed the resources we needed to get the job done. Their team truly gets it.

W. Scott Gould
CEO, Mountain Lake Associates, LLC

Management Team

  • Jason Ford

    Co-Founder & CEO
    The co-founder and CEO of Steel Patriot Partners, he focuses on driving growth, architecting solutions...
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  • Amy Ford

    Co-Founder & COO
    Being the COO can be a tough task at times, thankfully she is here to deliver client solutions 24/7 and...
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Steel Patriot Partners is your cybersecurity governance ally.

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