Cybercrime Doesn’t Sleep.. People do.

Every business should know the importance of cybersecurity and compliance but there are two ways a business can manage the two. For businesses that don’t have a designated position to manage the digital aspect of a company then cybersecurity and compliance are passed off to another department who usually isn’t too excited to receive it. Other businesses have a position called a CISO, or Chief Information & Security Officer dedicated to a business’s cyberspace; and it is becoming a popular title within companies. There is no key metric that delineates whether a company would need a CISO or not.  However, the most common factor seems to be how regulated the industry is. Any employee probably thinks their job is already demanding enough and adding cybersecurity or compliance to the mix could throw them over the edge. We are going to answer three questions in the following paragraphs. What a CISO does, how can their position be augmented, and how can a small business get the same protection as a major healthcare enterprise. 

The list of healthcare regulations is growing and beginning to encompass more specific components of a healthcare company’s operations. There are 629 discrete regulatory requirements that all healthcare organizations must follow. They are meant to protect the privacy of individuals and sensitive information, as well as, the integrity of the organization itself. Any company storing personal, patient, or sensitive information must be responsible for the data they store. In the case for smaller health systems, hospitals, or post-acute care providers, this may seem overwhelming or costly. A CISO by definition, is responsible for an organization’s information and data protection. It’s also an expensive position to fill with the salary being anywhere between $175-$300K and the average being around $224,000. The premise of a CISO is not to manage, fix, and secure an organizations cyber infrastructure. But to layout and implement a holistic security plan.  

At Steel Patriot Partners we have created a way in which we can take the physical position of a CISO give you the same oversight and regulatory guidance that an individual position would. But what sets us apart is that we also deliver an entire operations department equipped with staff, technology, and a vision, but without the need for days off, benefits, and insurance. If you have an inhouse team managing your networks, we augment ourselves to back-up and reinforce the work that they do. Our augmentation can minimize the skills gaps while simultaneously increasing efficiency and accuracy.  Steel Patriot Partners can provide 24/7 oversight year-round so your employees can focus on projects that directly impact the bottom line of your organization. We take care of everything else – especially the work that involves a begrudging effort (managing logs, audit & compliance operations, password resets, etc.). Cybercrime doesn’t sleep, but people do. By outsourcing, you can focus on what made your company successful in the first place and let us focus on what keeps it up and running. Safely and securely 24/7/365.  

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