President Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order

Last week President Biden signed an executive order regarding the US cybersecurity defense.  This is a huge step in moving the US forward to not only protect our infrastructure but also protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII).  This is a step that we feel should have been done 5 years ago but at least we are now moving in the right direction. 

What does this mean for business owners that are not a federal contractor?  While the order is aimed squarely at businesses that perform work for the federal government, we believe there are great and important steps that EVERY business no matter the size should adhere to.

Business owners or employees responsible for maintaining cybersecurity, the executive order will only impact you if you are a federal contractor however the White House recommends that private sector businesses follow their lead. While the deadlines outlined to meet reporting requirements are short, you don’t have to nor do we recommend a massive switch on how you protect your network, assets, reputation and business without planning and guidance.  Doing so would most likely cause a disruption in business operations that would far outweigh the benefits from a well thought out cybersecurity action plan only if you start planning now.  Steel Patriot Partners takes the approach of working with our customers, no matter what vertical they serve, to understand their culture, their business needs, client desires, appetite for change, and budget – both money and time.  Using our proven Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment Services model combined with our Cybersecurity Operations Services, we guide the organization through the process to understand what cybersecurity and compliance is in place today. We then develop an assessment report roadmap outlining information security and compliance gaps in your organization and when coupled with our information security operations support, we remove the burden to implement those recommendations with IT teams. Depending upon where you fall in our cybersecurity maturity model, these assessments and roadmaps can produce results in as little as 60 days.

Steel Patriot Partners Security Operations Services stay with you as long as you need and do not disappear after the items in your assessment have been implemented.  Providing continuous monitoring for threats, compliance, and vulnerabilities is why we are here as a partner for your business. Providing these services 24X7 for your business means that employee satisfaction increases while we monitor and provide threat detection to protect sensitive data. Let us help you sleep better at night knowing your network, business and reputation are protected.

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