Event Platform Service

Steel Patriot’s Event Platform is an advanced managed security service that provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. This is unlike traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) who only provide alerts from security monitoring for you to act on.

By utilizing advanced security analytics on applications, Event Platform provides deeper detection than traditional MSSPs, who rely on rules and signatures to find security events. Our platform pulls data from end-users and endpoints and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers you leverage for your business putting all of your events in one place.

Ready to take data privacy and information security seriously?

What You Get

Correlation of Events

As your business generates security events from multiple sources – employees, network devices, assets – looking for patterns is what we do. Security events almost never come from one source.

Managed SIEM

Security professionals leverage these systems to collect, manage, correlate security events occurring in your business from other systems such as Endpoint Security. These are important to know in realtime what security events are occurring.

Vulnerability Assessments

As a policy, every customer gets quarterly vulnerability assessments performed. Period. This gives a snapshot of your security posture and metrics for the business.


Assist with weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting requirements that meet most frameworks such as HIPAAPCI DSS, and GDPR.

Asset Discovery

Most security events come from devices that you did not know you even had. With Steel Patriot Partners Asset Discovery, security professionals will find all devices and provide you an easy way to track them.

Endpoint Security

Protecting endpoints and feeding security events back into our MDR solution gives greater visibility into your business security posture. We include endpoint security on all of our MDR services.

Collection Sources

Managed Detection Response Network Security Information


Network security monitoring is the core of any security posture but can be one of the most difficult to identify security events due to the volume of data it creates. It requires dedicated security resources to get any value from it.

Endpoint Security Information Protection

Endpoint Security

Endpoints are where your users are most likely to introduce security events into your business operations. Protecting them as well as feeding security events into our MDR service is invaluable data for security engineers to evaluate.

Steel Patriot Partners Security Operations Center SOC

Security Operations

Experiencing a security event can turn from chaos to tranquility depending how quickly you respond. No matter what time it is, Steel Patriot Partners removes the burden from you dealing with Incident Response.

We collect and monitor so you don't have to!

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