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Security Operations Built For You

Defending your business against ransomware attacks and cybercrime is now a top priority for all businesses. Steel Patriot Partners takes the stress out of cybersecurity operations by delivering service, software, and talent to improve your posture by 80% in 8 weeks.

Steel Patriot Partners – we help companies assess their security needs and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the business and provides security resources that increase awareness and risk mitigation.

SOC CyberSecurity Security Engineer

SOC That Works With You

With our Cybersecurity Operations Services, you can move the responsibility and risk of security to us. We provide our clients the cybersecurity tools, talent, and a process driven approach to operations; by leveraging our customer base, Steel Patriot Partners makes security affordable and easy to implement for any business:

  • Current Threats: we stay up to date so you don’t have to.
  • Fixed Pricing: easy to predict compared to internal staff.
  • Manage your time so your focus is not on security.
  • Provide reports and data back to your teams.
  • Remote or onsite.. it doesn’t matter for us.

SOC That Works For You

We ensure that your whole business is protected – all your people, each endpoint, every business processes, your sensitive data – so that no one is left without coverage. The most crucial part is ensuring availability for security data is being there. Always.

The most worrying part for most businesses going through a security event is the lack of data; it means that having data changes how security incidents are handled completely. We help ease these stresses through projections and a realistic views of security data in easy to read reports.

Creating a security posture for your business, service, or product can be daunting when you’re running your business with onsite and remote employees. However, with Steel Patriot Partner’s Security Operations Center (SOC) you can move the responsibility of security to us.

Ready to Talk about Cybersecurity Governance?

Let us be your Governance Navigator for compliance.

The team at Steel Patriot Partners operates like an extended part of our team and is invested in our success. In working with us, they demonstrated that they care about our business first, but also displayed an in-depth knowledge of the complex IT environment facing healthcare organizations. The team created a plan, broke tasks down into an organized, manageable list and deployed the resources we needed to get the job done. Their team truly gets it.

W. Scott Gould
CEO, Mountain Lake Associates, LLC
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