The birth of Pat Riot..


Well well well…look at you being mischievous! Now that you’re here, lets tell a story. Lets imagine that you are playing a game of Uno with your family. You’re unknowingly holding your cards down to where your mom can see. She knows it’s wrong and she wants to look away, but she can’t. So, she takes a peek! She has the next turn but she saw that you have the most notorious card in the deck, the change color & pick 4, coupled with a vendetta against her for beating you the last two rounds. Now, you have a choice to make. Do you act on that knowledge and let him change the color and make you draw 4 cards, or do you flip the script and use your skip card to skip his turn?  

In the Cyberspace, if you chose to act on the knowledge then you are considered a ‘black hat.’ Black hats usually manipulate their knowledge for some form of monetary gain. If you chose to accept your fate and pick 4, you are considered a ‘white hat.’ White hats are cyberactors that use their knowledge for good. Like helping a business strengthen their security posture. With that being said, we as humans have been dealt a change color & pick 4 card. Our social fabric has changed entirely over the course of the last 4 months and has gotten progressively more severe. The novel Coronavirus has taken over what seems like every aspect of our lives, changing the way we interact, live and work.  

As our world joins hands and has no choice but to face the changes that are coming our way, we will also see new and unforeseen challenges, vulnerabilities, and threats. Most importantly however, we will have opportunities. Opportunities to work together, secure our infrastructure, learn about our vulnerabilities and correct them, and neutralize threats before they even arise. Steel Patriot Partners was founded on the premise that every user has the right to educate themselves to secure their data and that of their associates and clients. It is on that premise that we strive to educate and empower the general public in a way that does not incite fear; but activates an emotion of empowerment. Our society is more connected than ever before. We can use that to our advantage and take proactive preventative measures against cybercriminals.  

If you choose to follow us (and we hope you do) we will try and make learning what can be a difficult topic into an interactive and easily understood way. As you follow us on our journey, you will also follow Pat Riot: The Superhero That No One Knew They Needed. On this comic-esq story board, Pat Riot will come to life and show you the common shortfalls of a company and/or an individual’s network, the ways cybercriminals think about their nefarious actions, and finally, what you can do about it and how your security posture can change by partnering with a Superhero.  

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