“…*Who’s There?*”

Identity and Access Management is essential for any company to gain full visibility as to who is logging onto their network. It assures authorized users are accessing authorized accounts. IAM has become increasingly important in these trying times with the shift of workforce to more remote settings. Traditionally, employees would commute to work and log into the company’s network directly. Now, we are seeing more and more employees working from home (or anywhere for that matter) and being just as productive. Companies are putting complete faith that their employee has a stong security posture at their remote workplace no matter where they are. We find that most people typically don’t have good security habits, sometimes even when they were at the office. The major drawback from this is that employers now cannot physically see their employees logging onto the network which really was providing a false sense of security. Having remote access has its conveniences, but it leaves companies extremely vulnerable to attacks such as Phishing attacksMan-In-The-Middle attacksPassword spraying, etc let alone to their employee’s potential bad security habits.  

Without a structured Identity & Access Management system in place, companies lose data control, cannot restrict role management, and add unnecessary functionalities to try and create a more secure environment. These attempts to band aid end up making more complicated steps for employees to follow and often go overlooked or even worse, prone to human error. Having complete insight and control over your companies’ network is vital to keeping data secure. Employees should only be allowed access to data that pertains to their work and be restricted to anything else. By enabling Identity & Access Management coupled with Endpoint Security, these methods secures data privacy for both the company and all of their clients involved.  

So, the question now is, who exactly is knocking at your door, or in this case, your network doors? Allowing employees to work from home has become a worldwide trend and no one really knows if the workforce will ever go back to the way it was. Employees are accessing their sensitive company data from all over the place without the slightest thoughts as to security. The issue now is what is on those devices that employees are using to log onto the company’s’ network? Is the connection from their sever to the company server secure? Are they now using a personal device that are overrun with malware? Can that malware piggyback its way into a company’s network just by that device connecting via a virtual private network (VPN)? The answer for all those questions is a resounding YES. A Survey done by Security Intelligence found that 84% of security incidents were caused by internal factors, AKA user errors. Employees that are not educated in cybersecurity are the biggest vulnerability when it comes to cyber-attacks. And that’s okay. With proper & sound IAM systems in place, companies no longer have to worry about who is logging into their network from where. IAM continuously monitors and verifies accounts that are logging into and are already logged onto the network.  

Here at Steel Patriot Partners we provide all capabilities for strong secure Identity and Access Management. We are the ones who ask, “Who’s there?” and we don’t allow strangers into your network. For more information on how you can secure your company’s network please contact us [email protected] or give us a call at 855.578.7272 and we would love to talk! 

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