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At Steel Patriot Partners, we are your ultimate partner when it comes to cybersecurity compliance, governance, operations, and engineering needs. Our team of experts provides an in-depth analysis of your programs (cybersecurity or compliance) and develops a strategic plan to help you achieve your governance goals. We communicate and offer guidance along with a hands-on keyboard approach to technical and non-technical leaders in a language that is easy to understand. 

Our main priority is to become your trusted partner and help you improve your organization’s technological maturity. We achieve this by ensuring cybersecurity standards are met, establishing strong governance visibility, and enhancing your security baseline – all of which contribute to your business success.

Our mission

To serve as an integrated, trusted partner to organizations that want to improve cybersecurity governance and attain general and industry-specific compliance standards by:

      1. Refocus your time and effort on servicing your clients instead of managing compliance
      2. Make sound business decisions based on trusted solutions to meet your client’s needs
      3. Attract and retain customers with successful audits of your cybersecurity procedures and practices
      4. Sleep better at night instead of worrying about how your sensitive data is used
      5. Reduce internal expenses by outsourcing compliance and cybersecurity while decreasing your business risk
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More than 25 Years
of Experience

IT Compliance and Cybersecurity complement each other but should be able to stand on their own. That is where Steel Patriot Partners makes both effective.

Meet our Founders


  • Jason Ford

    Co-Founder & CEO
    The co-founder and CEO of Steel Patriot Partners, he focuses on driving growth, architecting solutions...
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  • Amy Ford

    Co-Founder & COO
    Being the COO can be a tough task at times, thankfully Amy focuses on driving client solutions and leading...
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