Cybersecurity Operations and MSPs

In today’s world, one thing all organizations from every industry have in common, is the use of the Internet of Things (Iot). Every company small & big utilize the abilities of IT devices to connect them to the rest of the world, market & sell their product or service, converge analytical data to visualize growth and shortfalls, etc. Which makes managing a company’s network infrastructure an essential business-critical asset that ensures data, and the devices handling said data, are always available and useful for both employees and their clients. So critical in fact, an entire industry was created for it.

Managed Service Providers (MSP) began in the late 90’s early 2000’s during the dot com era to provide technical support via the internet which allowed IT professionals to remotely control & manage corporate networks. Thus, dawning the age of IT Helpdesk with services ranging from fixing broken devices and creating back-up and recovery plans to managing network traffic and keeping devices up to date with the latest patches. The main goal being to make sure data is always useful & available to their clients. MSP companies take a proactive position on Information Technology allowing their clients to work more effectively and efficiently with less downtime and have shown to be a more cost-effective business asset as opposed to building an in-house IT department. Unfortunately, over the past 2 decades, bad actors have found significant value in the data that is being managed by these companies, making them hot targets for cyber criminals.

In 2019, a survey funded by Continuum and conducted by Vanson Bourne, found that out of 200 MSP’s across the US, 74% of them had experienced a cyberattack in the last year and 83% reported their customers had experienced one as well. The same survey also found that the biggest factors leading to such a high number of breaches was the lack of resources available to them with 40% of organizations saying they do not have the necessary skills to strengthen their security postures.

“…Moving to a proactive approach, addressing the information security skills gap, and re-enforcing security training through education of customer employees are the keys to successfully protecting your business…”   – Steel Patriot Partners

Managed Service Providers do an amazing job of making sure devices and data is always available to their customers but fall short auditing and monitoring for information security events. At Steel Patriot Partners, we work with MSPs and their customers to monitor for cybersecurity gaps 24/7, provide training, and continuously assess IT compliance and their cybersecurity posture. Using our Managed Security Platform, we offload the cybersecurity burden placed on IT departments and MSPs to catch real time threats and provide remediation support and guidance before a company is compromised. Managing and maintaining and network is hard enough and using trained professionals from Steel Patriot Partners with cybersecurity operations skills coupled with tools provided by you or us, you get a formidable, advanced security posture to keep you out of the news.

Have questions about your current security posture or just curious about what threats out there that could impact your business or perhaps want to find out how you might be vulnerable, contact us by whatever means is most convenient for you! Email: [email protected] Phone: 703-297-4405 or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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