Steel Patriot Partners’ compliance and engineering services have been instrumental to Centivo’s ability to implement compliance and cybersecurity in our environments. They have become great partners, leveraging their expertise to significantly reduce compliance-related issues. Their dedication has allowed us to achieve cybersecurity compliance goals while we continue to focus on growth and success with our clients.

Enrique Olivares
CTO, Centivo

The team at Steel Patriot Partners operates like an extended part of our team and is invested in our success. In working with us, they demonstrated that they care about our business first, but also displayed an in-depth knowledge of the complex IT environment facing healthcare organizations. The team created a plan, broke tasks down into an organized, manageable list and deployed the resources we needed to get the job done. Their team truly gets it.

W. Scott Gould
CEO, Mountain Lake Associates, LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Jason for years while he ran the technology team at BlackMesh. You meet a ton of people in our roles and Jason was one of the most informed and knowledgeable executives that I’ve come across. His breadth of knowledge and detailed understanding of compliance sensitive workloads is unique in our industry. I hope that Jason and I are able to work together again.

Bradley Greenberg
Senior Director of Sales, CoreSite

Like other companies, Covid has pushed the Piedmont Wealth Advisory team to a predominately work from home / work from anywhere “remote location” work environment. In our case, this quickly added 6-7 potential work sites to our network and I began to feel various parts of our firms data was potentially exposed to heightened likelihood of a cyber attack. Jason & Amy and the entire Steel Patriot Partners team stepped in and quickly implemented significant improvements to safeguard our entire network and more importantly our client data. I am extremely relieved to have this professional partnership with Steel Patriot….our firm and our clients are being extremely well served.

Doug Birnie, CDFA
Founder, Piedmont Wealth Advisory

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